Content Marketing as a Photo Channel

(originally posted on IMGembed’s blog 2014)

As content marketing pushes forward in 2014 through both native ad growth and non-native content channels, marketers will be required to understand the impact of their efforts. A key component within the suite of business intelligence metrics is use tracking. Native ads can deliver metrics back to marketers directly from their partner site, but what about non-native channels, specifically sharing and re-posting?

Photography is a massive greenfield for brand marketers, all of whom value brand participation and sharing above all else. The world’s leading brands seek to engage consumers through photography – no other medium has the immediacy of message in a foreshortened cycle of consumption, and can offer the type of intimacy advertisers seek to deliver upon. More channels are available to deliver photography than ever before, and no other platform or media is as engaging.

How can photographers tap into these channels? By making available their works through platforms that promote the sharing and tracking of images – engage potential marketers directly, and gain exposure through use and dissemination. Traditional sources for imagery – like commercial and editorial licensors – can only penetrate these markets so far, as content marketers seek new sources that offer the flexibility and uniqueness that the web offers.

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